With the new Version 2.1.6 of BuddyForms we introduce a complete new file upload. The “Drop Zone”. Its a new form element to allow your site visitors to upload any filetype. It can be used for Contact – Registration and Post Forms and even works for unregistered users. Its the most powerful and flexible way of collecting files on your WordPress site. We have added extra security layers and checks to make it as save as possible so you not get unwanted file submissions. Let’s check it out in detail ;) Select the allowed File Types in the Form Element You can select the allowed file types in the form element. Its a huge list of all allowed file types from WordPress. This is why we have created a visual element so you can see the selected file types without getting lost in the list. See the image below to get the point. Its a really long list! The Drag and Drop Drop Zone with Multi File Support With the new uploader form element we use a DropZone. This is a place where files can be easily uploaded from your Computer with Drag and Drop. It works with single and multiple Files, depending on the settings in the form element. If you click on the drop zone the normal
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