As a business owner, there’s so much to be done and so little time. It’s difficult to know what to prioritize what to delegate and how to be as efficient as possible. When it comes to your website, large development changes should be delegated, but small updates here and there that you take care of yourself can eat up into valuable time that could be better spent on other things. Luckily, WordPress, one of the most heavily used website platforms, is great for people in a hurry, without a ton of time to spare on development and upkeep. There are many shortcuts and hacks hidden within WordPress’ platform that can make your life easier; if you know where to look. Between hundreds of pre-built themes, shortcuts, and useful plugins, here are a few time-saving tips to give you the best website possible while saving you valuable time to spend on other aspects of your business. Customize post URLs and permalinks Optimize your post with a customized permalink that includes the title of the post. Many WordPress sites and blogs have different categories to segment different types of content. You can customize the URL structure to include the category of the post in the URL as
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