Every new shop builder has the same goal: to make money from their eCommerce site. However, the first few transactions can sometimes be the most difficult to make since these are the sales that put your strategy, your store, and your patience to the test. Luckily, the early days of any business offer the perfect opportunity to listen, learn, and experiment with different sales tactics. To help you get started, we’ve compiled ten ways to make your next sale with WooCommerce that will help you now and throughout the lifetime of your online store. Let’s put some wind in your sales. Email Email marketing is a direct way to contact your prospective customers, both new and loyal. If you created a “coming soon” page with an email sign up before you launched your shop, now is the time to let those people know your store is online and entice them with compelling offers. Creating a lead capture page is a great way to share early information about a product while building a list of interested potential buyers. Even if you didn’t create a page before you launched your store, you can use the same strategy for upcoming major product launches. To add a streamlined sign
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