In the last few years, several successful Page Builder Plugins for WordPress appeared on the market: Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Conductor, Themify Builder, Visual Composer and Thrive are just some of the the most popular. Millions of websites have been built using page builders. Many successful themes integrated with a page builder or created their own. For example Avada and its Fusion Builder. Page builders lowered the barriers to entry the websites development business for designers that didn’t have coding knowledge. They also increased the number of WordPress users exponentially. These are all clear signs that WordPress needed its own default page builder. Especially to provide a standard for users, but also for themes and plugins developers. I’ve read many articles and notes about how Gutenberg will affect the page builder market. Most people agree that Page Builders will stick around for a while, after Gutenberg will be released. Because Gutenberg can’t currently compete with their features. In my opinion they are not seeing the big picture and they are missing 4 points in particular: Gutenberg will be installed by default
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