Looking for a great free slider? Easy. MetaSlider. It’s the most popular free slider available in the WordPress.org plugin repository with 900,000+ active installations. But is it the best free slider plugin for WordPress? Interestingly, Smart Slider 3, which I recently found was the best premium slider plugin for WordPress in a recent comparison test, is the second most popular free plugin in the repository with 200,000 active installations. So… what’s so great about MetaSlider that 700,000 people prefer it over Smart Slider 3? Having never used MetaSlider before, I was determined to find out. In this post, I’m going to put the free version of MetaSlider and Smart Slider 3 to the test, comparing them side-by-side for their features, pricing and performance. I’ll also walk you through a comparison project where I’ll produce the same slider using both plugins so you can see how they work – and which one provides the best user experience. Want to jump to a section quickly? ?? Features
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