A new add-on for WPSSO Core called WPSSO Tune WP Image Editors is the fastest and easiest way to improve your social and SEO images — simply activate and regenerate your thumbnail images (aka resized images), and you’re done! :-) How does it work? Have you noticed that after fine-tuning your nice large images or photographs in Photoshop, you upload them to your site and WordPress creates small images that seem a bit “fuzzy” — nowhere as nice, clean, and sharp as the originals? The reason is that after resizing any image, those images must be sharpened – always, but WordPress doesn’t do any sharpening, so the resized image remains a bit “fuzzy” — probably not what you want to show as your featured image, or share on social sites! :-) The WPSSO Tune WP Image Editors add-on takes care of this — it automatically applies a reasonable amount of sharpening to all JPEG images resized using the default WordPress ImageMagick editor. What makes WPSSO Core different than all other social and SEO plugins? This new add-on is a prime example — WPSSO Core and its add-ons go way beyond the basic, usual, or standard features of other
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