We’ve recently decided to take advantage of MailChimp’s (free) email marketing automation feature in order to fill a gap we’ve been unable to manually bridge for our new blog subscribers. In this post I share the email marketing automation technique we’ve come up with, using tools that are available for everyone. I’ll provide an inside look into our thought process of why we did it, how to set it up, as well as try to answer the question – how has it been working for us so far? What Is Email Marketing Automation And Why WordPress Plugin Businesses and Theme Shops Need It According to MailChimp, integrating email marketing automation into your operation essentially means you’ll be adding another brain to do marketing-related work for you, so you can go do other useful things for your business, instead. More specifically, in the case of email marketing, these automations can run in the background, handling the repetitive, event-bound tasks for you, in the same way, you might have handled them yourself, simply because it is you setting them up and configuring them. Ultimately, the automated marketing processes help you make more sales with much
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