This release introduces drag and drop capabilities for sorting blocks, various refinements to the block visual interface (including a label with block type identifier) and extensibility APIs, plus a lot of bug fixes. Thanks to everyone who contributed for all the ongoing efforts! CloudupBlogLoginAboutBlogFaqTermsPrivacy 2.6 Add drag and drop functionality to reorder blocks (in addition to arrow movers). Improve side UI around nested groups and introduce a block name label on hover. Focus the block inspector automatically when a block is selected. Allow extending auto-completers via filters — this also exposes the "user" auto-complete to all RichText component instances, making it much easier to leverage for external blocks. Use debounced search request in user auto-complete mechanism improving the experience of mentioning in sites with more than 100 users. Other changes Use custom serializer for texturize compatibility. This removes dependency on react-dom/server and integrates better with wptexturize expectations. Group advanced block settings (class name and anchor) in a panel. Move Post Types Data Fetching to the core-data module. Refactor DocumentOutline to use the
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