Norse Runes Oracle WordPress Plugin

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Here are some of the current features:

  • Show all the Runes on a given page.
  • Show a specific rune with meaning on a given page.
  • Show the Definition of a given Rune by a Tool Tip or a Defined Definitions Page.
  • Draw one Rune at Random (aka Odin's Rune) and give meaning.

Features for Future Releases:

  • Ability for people to create accounts and track readings over time.
  • Ability to do different castings with Meanings and Interpretations. Some examples:
    • One Rune Layout
    • Two Rune Layout
    • Past, Present and Future (Three Rune) Layout
    • Four Directions Layout
    • Five Rune Cross Layout
    • Midgard Serpent Layout
    • Bifröst Layout
    • Grid of Nine Layout
    • Odin’s Nine Layout
    • Celtic Cross Spread
    • Egil’s Whalebone Layout
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