Today I came across a small sized but pretty robust jQuery Carousel script.  It is pretty robust with the features it has and implementing it is not that difficult either.

Some of the features its website boasts at is:


  • Can slide vertical or horizontal
  • Supports navigation by button or paging
  • The point where the carousel starts can be set
  • Animation time can be set in milliseconds or to ‘instant’
  • Number of block to move at a time can be set
  • A interval can be set to slide automaticaly every given milliseconds
  • Easy customizable
  • Supports all current browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari, Opera, Chrome).
  • Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.
  • Lightweight its only 100 lines of code. mimified the size is 2,29 kb


A list of all the available options and there default value

  • start: 1 — where should the carousel start?
  • display: 1 — how many blocks do you want to move at a time?
  • axis: ‘x’ — vertical or horizontal scroller? ‘x’ or ‘y’ .
  • controls: true — show left and right navigation buttons?
  • pager: false — is there a page number navigation present?
  • interval: false — move to the next block on interval.
  • intervaltime: 3000 — interval time in milliseconds.
  • animation: true — false is instant, true is animate.
  • duration: 1000 — how fast must the animation move in milliseconds?
  • callback: null — function that executes after every move

Click here to download the Examples provided by

Here is the source code for jquery.tinycarousel.js from

[snippet id=”40″]

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