I found a HTTPS plugin called WordPress HTTPS.  This plugin does a good job of confirming that all of the links on the page are properly formatted for HTTPS when browsing to it.  It allows you to set on what posts/pages need HTTPS and can also be set so the whole site uses HTTPS if you need it to be.  I did however run into a need to be able to set all of a custom post type to be HTTPS.  Instead of making sure I check off the box on every custom post type I wrote the following function call that can be put into your themes functions.php file so that it will set force_ssl equal to true for whenever a specific custom post type is being used.  The following function shows how to force ssl usage for custom post type with a name of “cpt_name”.  More can be added to the list just by adding it to the array $force_ssl_cpt.

[snippet id=”44″]

Even though this doesn't have the highest rating for SSL plugins with a 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars, I do believe WordPress HTTPS is a solid plugin and functions as it should be expected too.

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