wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbWell the dates and location have been picked for Boston WordCamp 2014. Another great conference to look forward too. I have already marked my calendar for August 23rd and August 24th and I am patiently waiting for more information from the Boston WordCamp Website.

Not only is this a great place to learn new things about WordPress as well as upcoming things in the WordPress community but also a great time to network with people.  This usually comes about with also even helping people out with your knowledge too as teaching it helps you retain it as well.  I have met some interesting a truly genuine people at these events.

This event is not just for the intermediate to advanced user but it also helps beginners understand more than they thought they could.  With the many path options usually available for talks you can choose from what ever skill being offered you would like to try to learn. Even if it turns out to be a little too advanced for you take good notes and find someone who was in the talk with you to maybe explain it a little bit further.  Even talking with the speaker as he can help guide you along your path and even if he can't explain it further maybe he can direct you to someone or a site that will.

This is going to be my third WordCamp and I am still as excited as if it was my first one.  Please feel free to drop me a line if you are going to be going, I look forward to meeting you.

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