Let me know if this sounds vaguely familiar. You started off with a desire – a shred of an idea that kept you awake at night. After wracking your brains, you decided to pour the idea into a plan, perhaps after reading motivational text such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. With the plan in hand, you went ahead and made an effort of transmuting the dream into reality. You went to work, purchased web hosting, a domain name, a great WordPress theme and set up your first WordPress site. You were going to make it, you could feel it in your gut. Your eyes were green; you could make a killing eventually, and live your dreams. But the plan was somewhat flawed, since it didn’t account for traffic generation, the only lion barring your road to success today. You nearly panicked when you discovered your folly, but still, you kept at it, researching and arming yourself with new information on traffic generation. Still, the numbers just weren’t there. You kept wondering what in the name of Santa happened to “build it and they will come.” What could you have done wrong? You started doubting whether you could turn your young blog into a successful website without the quintessential ingredient
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