One of the most controversial companies in the WordPress ecosystem is Envato, the company that owns the theme and template marketplace, ThemeForest. ThemeForest’s best selling product category is WordPress themes, and they are a behemoth in this space. As Envato’s blog states: “In September 2014, ThemeForest was the 88th most trafficked website in the world (according to, at the time ahead of Netflix.” But in a poll run by Jeff Chandler of, only twenty-eight percent of respondents said “ThemeForest is a great place to find a variety of good looking themes.” Fifty percent said “it is a marketplace with good looking themes but are poorly coded.” And twenty-two percent said “stay as far away as possible.” So, did Envato find a hole in the marketplace, and build a business to provide customers what they want? And are all the developers who complain about it just whining? Or is ThemeForest really a marketplace for bad themes? Like many things, the answer is not a simple yes or no. So let me present both sides of the argument. The case for ThemeForest Here are the arguments in support of ThemeForest. 1. ThemeForest gives consumers what they want It’s become rather
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