Given the large number of WordPress-based discussions on pricing, costs, consultant’s fees and product licenses, it’s no wonder why some people get frustrated about the Community and the understanding of Open Source. Other than the mentality and the usual incompetent statements such as: “But WordPress is free!” or “There should be a free plugin to do that!’, there’s another reason why some business owners can’t grasp the cost of building a WordPress solution. Commodities or Needs? There are usually two types of things that you need to do, build, use or have on a daily basis: commodities that just need to do basic work high-quality goods or services that are simply the best Take any service or product as an example and try to apply it in two different contexts. There are cheap and expensive cars, computers, tablets. There’s a low-cost Internet plan and a high-speed one. There are generic chairs and tables and authentic ones, too. Would you buy a chair for $3000? Probably not since you’re not going to use it that much, or the difference with the $300 chair would not worth the extra $2700. But if you’re equipping an office that is to be rent for $40,000 a month for executives and funded
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