Looking for a best WordPress File and Document Management Plugin? Do you need complete file management solution for WordPress? To manage digital downloads we can suggest some awesome WordPress plugins which can make the life easier. The good news is that there are some really good WordPress file management plugins around the web. Most of the above plugins are actually described as WordPress download managers, but they do the job of document and file management perfectly fine. My favourite and the best WordPress file manager plugin is WP Download Manager ever i used, but you may find that one of the others is more suitable for your needs. For example if you want to sell digital downloadable files from your site, look no further than Easy Digital Downloads, it has all the e-commerce functionality you need in built. Best WordPress File Management Plugins WP Download Manager WordPress download manager includes all features you need to control you file downloads like password protections on download, download visibility based on members roles and capability, hit counter, detailed download log, packed download, price setup for downloads and many more feature. Also read the the full review
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