I love reading transparency reports, where businesses like Buffer, Mattermark and others at Baremetrics share everything about how their companies work, how much they pay for a particular role and how much profit they earn. This is a new trend and I can see some startups in WordPress community are picking up on that. WPRocket by Jean Baptiste (@jb_ma) and Ultimate Member’s Open Metrics by my friend Calum Allison (@calumallison) are two good examples of transparent business in WordPress sphere. Last week people started sharing how much they earn on twitter when a hashtag #talkpay got popular. In accordance with WIRED The movement was dreamed up by Lauren Voswinkel, a software designer, and was born out of the ongoing conversation about gender discrimination and inequality in the tech sector, and across the board in terms of pay in the US. I consider it a serious paradigm shift in reference to tech people, which seems to be a good thing. As per my knowledge, in a lot of companies, discussing salaries with your colleagues is the easiest way to get fired. Emily Drefuss (@emilydreyfuss) –News and Opinion Editor at WIRED wrote I worked my way up the ladder and eventually became a senior editor
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