The most typical conversation (aside from which plugins to use) in the WordPress sphere is about the speed comparisons between various web serving software like Apache or Nginx. There are tens of articles with nice charts and big claims on the Internet: Nginx is faster than Apache. HHVM is faster than PHP-FPM and so on. The question is: can we trust them? What if the technology behaves differently on our VPS? The only way to be sure is to carry out the benchmarks ourselves. It is, however, time-consuming to install and configure the whole stack. I think I found a (partial) solution. Ansible to the rescue Working on my Bachelor’s Thesis, I had to find a way to quickly switch between Apache with mod_php, Nginx with PHP-FPM, HHVM, etc, because I’m comparing and optimizing their performance. Since then, I’ve learned that Ansible might help me, as it can be used to automate mundane server-related tasks. After some struggling weeks, I’ve put together a collection of Ansible playbooks that install, set up and reset everything that we need. It is enough to input IP address (or hostname) of your VPS server, run a playbook and benchmark the WordPress site. Prerequisites I’ve created the playbooks
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