Whether you work with WordPress as a designer or a developer, or you want to test out any WordPress plugins and themes, or you simply want to use WordPress to build your own blog, your should first always consider working on a local setup. In other words, using your own computer as your server. Setting up your localhost environment directly through MAMP or XAMPP is usually the way to go, but in this tutorial I’m going to show you an alternative (that also uses XAMPP) that’s easier to use and quicker to set up – DesktopServer. “Choose fictional domain names to personalise each of your projects and create dozens of virtual servers in seconds. WordPress designers and developers seldom work on a single project. Now you can create multiple isolated sites for web design or just for quickly and safely testing those plugins you’ve been meaning to try out.” – ServerPress All it is is a local server package for both Mac and Windows with which you can create multiple “virtual servers” right on your own computer. They can be used to test new products or to develop a whole site, and they’re easily accessible in any browser. Setting Up DesktopServer This tutorial will focus on the installation of
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