New extensions, bundles of joy and a whole lot of support! This past month has flown by so let’s have a look back at the past 30 days. E-commerce Metrics Our total revenue for the month of April was $12,517 and we are happy to have passed the $10,000 mark from our first full month of sales. The revenue was generated from 217 orders and we have been able to increase our average spend per customer to $71. This is an increase of $18 from the end of March when it was $53. The average daily revenue for the month was $417 and we had one day where revenue was over $1000. If you want to see more of our metrics you can view them in real-time via open metics dashboard. Active installs The core version of Ultimate Member continues to be installed on more sites and we passed 6,000 active installs on the 27th of April. We passed 4000 downloads on the 31st of March meaning we have had over 2,000 new installs this month. The plugin now appears on the 6th page of the plugin repo when searching by popular plugins which puts Ultimate Member in the top 180 most popular plugins. Extensions Released In April we released three new premium extensions and one free extension. The paid extensions we released
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