Follow us: A lot of you have patiently waited for us to deliver on our promise and provide you with a bulletproof backup solution that your websites direly need. It’s time to reward your patience – the new backup app is being released tomorrow, on May 5th, into the ManageWP Orion closed beta. The new backup is jam-packed with new features: No More High Server Load The first thing you’ll notice is how easily your website server is running backups. The new Orion backup runs just a small fraction of the process on your website server; the vast majority of the task is being done by our own server infrastructure, built specifically for this purpose. With the help of our Hibernation technology your website is being queried for content, which is then uploaded to our Hibernation Pod (our cloud storage infrastructure) where a backup archive is being assembled. And the best part? The site server load is little more than a regular website visit. Real-time Protection The scheduled backups are obsolete now that we’ve switched to real-time protection. The new Hibernation tech allows you to run incremental backups every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s 720 restore points each month! Compatible
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