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News highlights:

Emoji: WordPress 4.2 now supports emoji (even in URLs!) Here’s a clever example used to show the history of copyright in the U.S.

The real issue with ThemeForest: Brandon Yanofsky weighs the pros and cons of ThemeForest. There’s lots of great discussion on this topic happening in the comments.

2015 state of open source: Shaun’s write up of what open source looks like so far in 2015.

WordPress memes: Bob Dunn shares a roundup of WordPress memes. Did he miss any good ones?

May the 4th be with you: Happy Star Wars Day! It’s a good chance to go back and read/share our article about using the force for good.

WordPress REST API version 2.0 beta 1: WP REST API version 2.0 beta 1 has been released, named after Simpsons character Ralph Wiggum.

Resources to help you become a smarter developer: LayerThemes produced a helpful list of resources to guide you “toward WordPress awesomeness and increase your speed of production.”

Upcoming WordPress events:

May 6-8th- LoopConf

May 8-9th- WordCamp North Canton

May 8th- WordCamp Finland

May 15-17th- WordCamp Maine

May 16th- WordCamp Nashville

May 16-17th- WordCamp Lisboa

May 30-31st-  WordCamp Miami

June 6-7th- WordCamp Orange County

This week’s GIF Of The Week(tm):

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