If you were to search for free WooCommerce themes a year ago, chances were that you wouldn’t find many interesting designs and probably most of them were superficial and good for nothing. Fortunately though we enjoy a great increase in this department and quality products seem to emerge more frequently. Now, there are hundreds of WordPress themes that are ready for WooCommerce websites and we are happy to say that all of them are responsive, fast loading, clean and beautifully designed following the latest web trends. To make your job easier and find all the good stuff in one place, we put together this list containing just completely free themes, themes that will help you take full advantage of WooCommerce and create a powerful online store for free. Panthea A theme that leaves a very good impression in terms of featured products by offering a responsive animated slider which contains layered graphics. Also, Panthea brings multiple shortcodes and templates for a blog, a WooCommerce powered shop and of course portfolio and testimonials. The theme is also equipped with dropdown menus and a customized contact form that includes location and icons for email, fax and phone. Panthea is available
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