We did the rework already. Other have to do it now but what does it mean for us and our users. It was a quite long journey to rebuild the cc theme according to the theme review guidelines and I believe the experience we had could help others to make there decision. I’m still sorry for the trouble of some users. We get positive feedback but also very frustrated feedback and I can understand this users a lot. Again, the latest cc 1.x can be found on Github. https://github.com/Themekraft/cc1 and most issues should be fixed. If you want to stay with the old theme just use the Github version. Even if we want, the 1.x version would not be approved anymore. I’m sure that we are just an early bird with Custom Community. The decision is clear and now it’s fact. Themes will be removed from wordpress.org repository if they not change there architecture and follow the theme review guidelines. Custom Community was full of plugin functionality and an option framework with hundred of options. It was a great success but we did the rewrite and removed all plugin functionality. We also moved all options into the theme customiser. We did all to be prepared for a future as a wordpress.org based theme company.
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