I’m writing this blog post to flesh out the idea in this tweet a bit more. One of the biggest milestones in WordPress is getting to 51% of the net. Right now we are doing amazing at 23.8 but we need to more. The Core team is always making the software better and the community is churning out all sorts of amazing plugins and themes but if we want to get to 51% we need to do more. We need to do more than just focus on the software. So I had two thoughts with the above idea. One I would really like a make a WordPress PSA in the procedural cop drama format about crimes committed against WordPress. Basically take all the things we wish people wouldn’t do (lowercase p, fauxgos, non-GPL code, not adhering to best practices) and turn it into a really funny video. One that let’s people know what they are doing that we wish they wouldn’t but also a fun introduction to the WordPress community. I honestly believe that in an age of great software having a product/community with heart and personality has become super important. The second thought is a bit more wide reaching. I want to create a web series that takes place in a police station and all the crimes are WordPress based. Basically you know
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