Are you getting confused about choosing the best WordPress social media plugin for your blog? A social media plugin helps any content to become viral by offering features like social sharing buttons and social follow buttons.
Social sharing buttons placed near the content makes it easy for the reader to spot and share the content.
Social follow buttons placed at proper places can drive a lot of visitors to your social media profiles or pages.
More visitors means more user engagement.
A large number of free and paid social media plugins are available for WordPress which makes it very difficult to choose the best plugin from this large repository.
This collection is aimed at making it easy to choose from best available social media plugins.
How to choose Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress?
The evaluation parameters can be performance and utility.
Filling up all the empty space of your site with social media icons may degrade the user experience.
So, it is wise to use only those social networks which are used in social media marketing for your niche.
Also, if the plugin is too heavy, it will slow down your site and increase the response time.
And if your site is slow, then it will

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